MROC (Marketing Research Online Community)

INTAGE has created a marketing research online community (MROC) platform that was developed and designed in-house in Japan to enable more effective, ongoing online communication with consumers where they live. This platform can be used on most digital devices and works like many social media platforms.

INTAGE's MROC platform provides high-performance qualitative and quantitative survey features, including detailed screening functions and the incorporation of client customer data. The dedicated online community platform also allows real-time monitoring, searching and downloading of participation logs, questionnaire tables, topic verbatim and other information.

MROC provides you with actionable knowledge about what happens when your products are used in real life, and helps track chronological changes in how consumers feel/behave in real time. The insights that result enable you to formulate explanatory hypotheses based on topics, feelings, and behavior; such hypotheses can then be used to generate new product ideas.

INTAGE's MROC solution enables you to:

  • Confirm the degree to which your new products or measures are accepted by users
  • Grasp ways to cultivate 'brand fans' and/or compel current non-users to switch to your brand
  • Reflect the voice of the consumer in your marketing activities
  • Observe the status of category usage and identify unmet needs in the category
  • Leverage actual customer insights in your product development cycle

MROC overview

MROC platform

The Respondents' Page is available in the language with which they are most comfortable.The administrator page can be in English.

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