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Terms of Use

Recording of Personal Information

INTAGE INDONESIA may request personal information such as the Website user's name, e-mail address, and company name when it receives inquiries, comments, or opinions from users concerning INTAGE INDONESIA on this Website or in other circumstances. In principle, INTAGE INDONESIA uses this information within the scope of the purpose of use indicated when requesting the user to provide the information, such as for answering inquiries. Please note that INTAGE INDONESIA may share such information among INTAGE Group companies for handling within the scope of the indicated purpose of use.

INTAGE INDONESIA does not use such personal information outside the scope of the indicated purpose of use without the prior consent of the user. Users who wish to have personal information recorded on this Website deleted or amended can do so by contacting INTAGE INDONESIA. INTAGE INDONESIA will promptly comply with such requests.

INTAGE INDONESIA may disclose or share a user's personal information in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • If the user has consented to the disclosure or sharing of information.
  • If disclosure or sharing of information is judged to be necessary for the purpose of providing products or services the user desires.
  • If INTAGE INDONESIA has received a formal inquiry under the law from a public body such as a court of law or the police.
  • If disclosure or sharing of information is judged to be necessary for the purpose of protecting, the rights, assets, or services of INTAGE INDONESIA or another user.

From time to time INTAGE INDONESIA entrusts user personal information to vendors with which it has entered into non-disclosure agreements. In other situations where INTAGE INDONESIA discloses to business partners or third-party research institutions or publishes on the Website "statistical information" based on requested personal information, that information may be published on the INTAGE website or disclosed to business partners or third-party research institutions, except when the statistical information contains personal information or the aforementioned exceptional circumstances apply. An example of statistical information is the ratio of males and females making inquiries on the Website. This type of data is used to improve the information provided to Website users.

Use of the Access Log

An access log of Website user IP addresses is compiled for the purpose of system management. The access log is used to survey the circumstances of Website use. When a user accesses the homepage or any other page of the Website, the server records the user's IP address, browser type, and the date and time of access.

Ordinarily the access log is statistically processed and is not linked to personal information. However, the access log may be used to establish the identity of a user if it is judged to be necessary for the purpose of protecting the rights, assets, or services of INTAGE INDONESIA or another user.


INTAGE INDONESIA may transmit cookies via this Website to users' computers. Cookies stored on a user's computers are used for the purpose of identifying the computer and promoting user convenience. To learn more about cookies, you may wish to visit the following webpage:
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Many browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. It is possible to reconfigure the browser to reject cookies or to indicate when a cookie has been transmitted. However, rejecting cookies may result in the failure of certain features of this Website to function correctly.

Website Security

INTAGE INDONESIA takes great care to protect the security of personal information on this Website. Unfortunately, however, it is impossible to claim 100% security. INTAGE INDONESIA will continue to exert every effort to ensure security at all times. Websites outside the control of INTAGE INDONESIA (for instance, link destination websites) may independently collect personal information on website users. INTAGE INDONESIA cannot control personal information on these websites. INTAGE INDONESIA requests that users refer to the statements concerning privacy on linked websites and exercise their own discretion in using the websites. INTAGE INDONESIA has made protection of personal information part of its management philosophy and in conducting marketing research and information service business activities obeys all laws and other regulations concerning personal information so as not to cause damage to research participants. For more information on the protection of personal information, see Privacy Policy


Although INTAGE INDONESIA makes every effort to deliver reliable information to users through this Website, the Website content may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. INTAGE INDONESIA undertakes no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, legality, safety, or timeliness of information on the Website.

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