Privacy Policy

PT.INTAGE INDONESIA (hereinafter "the Company") respects and strives to protect the privacy of users of this Website ( The basic policy concerning user privacy applicable to this Website is set forth in the items below.

1. Basic Policy

The Company, in its capacity as an information services provider and as a research firm, recognizes that fulfilling both the expectations of individuals who entrust the Company with personal information ("individuals") and the expectations of its clients is essential to ensuring the sustainability of its business. With regard to the use of personal information, the Company abides by applicable laws and guidelines and the Marketing Research Quality Standard set forth by the Japan Marketing Research Association, of which the INTAGE Group is a member. In order to protect the privacy of individuals and preserve its clients' confidential information, the Company has created an in-house personal information protection management system, and is thorough in supervising the personal information of all entities with whom it engages in business.

2. Personal Information Protection Management System

(1) Guidelines for the Use of Personal Information

a. Collection, use, and provision of personal information
When collecting personal information, the Company will clarify the purpose of use of the information to the individuals or clients from whom it is being collected. After receiving the consent of the individual, his or her personal information will be used appropriately within the scope permitted by the terms of their consent.

b. Respect for individuals' rights
If the individual requests that his or her retained personal data (personal information that is subject to disclosure) be disclosed, revised, or deleted after consulting with the Company, this request shall be granted assuming it is consistent with existing laws and socially accepted ideas.

c. Implementation of security precautions
The Company recognizes and conducts analysis of the risks associated with handling personal information, and implements security precautions to prevent unauthorized access to this information or its leaking, loss, destruction, or falsification. Furthermore, if it is deemed that such situations are at risk of occurring, the Company will promptly take corrective actions.

(2) Corporate Behavior

a. Company officials and all employees shall respect laws governing the use of personal information as well as other applicable guidelines.

b. Policies for using personal information shall be adhered to and relevant Company regulations upheld.

c. The Company will appoint a personal information protection manager and give him or her responsibility for and authority over the administration of the Personal Information Protection Management System. This information protection manager may be an employee of an INTAGE Group company other than the Company.

d. An employee will be placed in charge of inquiries, and the Company will maintain an environment that facilitates inquiries from individuals regarding their personal information.

e. A personal information protection auditor will be appointed to audit the Company's use of personal information. This personal information protection auditor may be an employee of an INTAGE Group company other than the Company.

f. If necessary, Company regulations and operating procedures will be revised based on the results of the aforementioned audits.

g. Assistance in fulfilling the objectives of these regulations will be sought from individuals and entities with whom the Company engages in business activities.

h. Company policy concerning the protection of personal information shall be provided in a format that allows it to be examined at any time.

i. The Personal Information Protection Management System will be revised on an ongoing basis.

Takenori Iwasaki
Managing Director
April 2015

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