President's Message

Contributing to the success of your business in Indonesia

INTAGE INDONESIA was established in November 2013 as a joint venture between two research industry leaders: DEKA Marketing Research, Indonesia's No. 1 independent marketing research company; and INTAGE, Japan's No. 1 marketing research group, founded in 1960.

As a recent player in the Indonesian market, INTAGE INDONESIA puts priority on finding the best way to contribute to the business of local clients in Indonesia. To this end, we have begun actively rolling out some of our cutting-edge research technologies garnered and developed in Japan.

One of the first such technologies is our recently announced "My Reco" research solution, in which consumers use their smartphones to provide a diary-like record of their purchases and activities. The My Reco system was developed and is offered in Japan by DOCOMO InsightMarketing INC., a joint venture established between INTAGE and Japan's NTT DOCOMO.

Conventional research methodologies require respondents to search their memories in order to recall information needed to answer the survey questions. With My Reco, respondents use their always-at-hand smartphone to respond in real time, writing their feelings and other information and sending photo(s) at the moment of response. Not only do these photos offer insights that are closer to actual daily life, but they also provide our clients with fresh, new discoveries that cannot be obtained through typical written-format surveys.

INTAGE INDONESIA will continue to launch new services in the Indonesian market. For more information about some of the leading-edge solutions we're considering introducing here, please see the solutions pages of the INTAGE Inc. website.

Here in Indonesia, as elsewhere, we stand firmly by our corporate vision; by helping make a valuable contribution to the business success of our clients, we're also helping to enrich the lives of people in Indonesia, and contribute to the sustainability and development of global society.

We look forward to working with you.

Takenori Iwasaki

Managing Director

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